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Our Newfoundland dogs come from German stock and we believe them to be the finest Newfoundland dogs that can be found here in Newfoundland. Our dogs are registered with Germany’s ADKN, and are dry-mouthed.

These dogs have been specifically bred and fine tuned in Germany for a tighter mouth that causes the animal to swallow its saliva rather than having it drool.

One of the not-so-obvious advantages of owning a dry-mouth Newf is reduced smell and therefore, grooming costs (likely your largest expense with these dogs).

Our experience has shown that a typical, healthy Newfoundland dog, costs, on average, $100/month, or $1200/year in food, training, grooming and veteranarian bills. Being a large, long-haired canine, regular grooming is essential to the health and beauty of your pet. We live in a temperate climate with four distinct seasons and find that the dog will require its greatest grooming needs in the spring and autumn when things are wetter.

Newfoundland puppies grow at the rate of ten pounds per month. Their adult weight ranges from 120 - 160 pounds.

Newfoundland dogs maintain their youthful playfulness up to the ages of two or three years.

After that maturation stage, the Newfoundland dog, in a healthy, loving home, becomes a calm, wonderful companion dog. They will be as active or as inactive as their owners and be content to just be around you either way.

Newfoundland dogs do not tolerate at all well being tied or tethered, but require a fenced lot or yard that allows them to move freely and ideally has a shaded area to provide protection from the elements.

Newfoundland dogs do very well indoors and are easily house-trained, the male usually being easier than the female to train. It is not uncommon for a three to four month old Newf to be trusted four to five hours indoors without supervision.

Newfoundland dogs tend to be quiet dogs that don’t have a reputation for digging or chewing.

As with all dogs, Newfoundland dogs cherish human companionship and require daily attention. It is common for them to stop eating when their owners travel or are separated for periods of time.

Newfoundland dogs are people magnets. It is a common occurrence that while walking/exercising your dog, you will be stopped at least once to answer questions and enjoy having your pet admired for its beauty, size, and temperament. It is a wonderful way to meet people from all walks of life.

Newfoundland dogs have a heritage with celebrities. They have been the dog of choice for the Kennedy family, Ernest Hemingway, Lewis and Clark (explorers) and was made famous in the Walt Disney movie, ‘Peter Pan’ as Nana.

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